Doohike Vegan Soap is handmade with love in Columbus, Ohio. We use all natural ingredients and our soap is palm oil free. Doohike soap is created in small batches using the time-honored cold process technique. The result is a hard, long-lasting and luxurious bar of soap.

Our packaging (pictured on the home page) is both practical and environmentally friendly. We thread each bar with biodegradable twine and the tags are printed on recycled paper.

High quality, all natural colorants are selected for the artistic touches that make doohike soap so unique. Along with making each bar beautiful, we cure them for 5 weeks to ensure that every bar is gentle and mild.

A variety of pure essential oils are used to create earthy, fresh, and clean scents. In addition, the fixed oils that compose the base of each bar have properties that nourish the skin including cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil, and olive oil. 

Each bar of doohike soap is hand stamped and weighs 4.5oz. We bevel every edge because we care. We want your washing experience to be excellent from the first to the last.